Monday, October 20, 2008

brain on vacation

well looks like my brain went on vacation and forgot I said I would resume posts last Wednesday. oops, sorry.

Any ways here is a new post.

so this is spook. He might look familiar, he's from a previous something or other...... but I like him, so this is a more finalized look, a bit bigger so I can scale him to any size. Now why would I want that to be...guess you'll just have to wait and see...I've got some plans for spook, big plans.
This is also an update for the Art Gala at the comic book shoppe here in Ottawa. It is scheduled for November 30th. so if you are interested in going let me know, and I'll get you a ticket...or head to the comic shoppe in Ottawa a get a ticket there...the tickets are free, so bring along some friends.
I'm going to post shots of work on my blog that I will be selling this year, as I progress through them and maybe even some previews of finished work.....spook will be there so should you.

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