Wednesday, November 26, 2008

hmmm.....been awhile

Ah so yes it has been awhile, no don't worry I haven't forgotten about my little corner of the Internet. So I know I posted earlier that I would be showing some progress work of my stuff that will be at Art Gala I am participating in this Sunday. Well that hasn't happened. Actually I've been hard at work trying to complete everything in time....oh and I decided to make it harder for myself by changing my ideas and goals last week.

Yes, yes poor planning I'm sure, but I'm really excited about my new idea. So I scrapped everything I had done and my ideas since November 8th (my last post) and started again.

But like I said I'm super duper excited for what I have going on....and feels a bit more me in the end. (hehe silly monster tricks are for kids.) So back to why I haven't posted...well my brain sorta exploded and this has been the result for the last week and abit (good thing Oscar is away for two weeks, hehe) :

so yeah as I said brain exploded. But some exciting stuff is in that picture. Some of my stock designs for shirts can be seen. Yup I will have five, count them 5! different designed painted shirts for sale, that will be revealed at the show ( these shirts will later go on sale by order, and oh yeah commissions for something individual are always welcomed!) some painted toques, a new pair of painted chucks and tons of supplies and drawing stuff.... monsters are hiding too, but you won't see them till the gala (hopefully).
Thanks for being patient and if you are in Ottawa this weekend come on down to the Comic Shoppe on Bank st. on Sunday November 30th for the art gala. See me and some other great artists and say hi!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

24 hour comic challenge

As promised here are my nine completed pages from the 24 hour comic challenge I participated in last month. Yes sadly I wasn't able to finish 24 pages in the time limit, but i am happy with the amount I got done. Nine pages pencilled inked and grey toned is pretty good when you consider my brain died at 4am and decided it wouldn't work on anything creative anymore, and also wouldn't let me sleep. Ah well, fun as always, here is hoping for another fun time next year!

24 hour comic challenge - pages 5 - 9

Monday, November 3, 2008

final costume

So here is what I looked like on Halloween!
(I was Chairface Chippendale from The TICK if you had not guessed already)