Friday, September 19, 2008


So you might think I didn't post Wednesday , and just plain old forgot. Well partially right ( technically no post on Wednesday, but not because I forgot or didn't have one ready). So if you want to be super insane accurate......fine no Wednesday post.

But this is why. I have been working on.....Icarus.

Icarus is a Munny. Fun playful vinyl toys that you are free to do with what you will. The store Lost Marbles in Ottawa is having an Artist Munny Show to celebrate their opening, and Icarus is my entry for the show.
I will post some process shots this weekend.
For now here is a complete turnaround.
(note: just background noise of the street so you mute the sound)

Oh yeah, if you are in Ottawa on September 25 (also they will be on display for 3 weeks), come on down to Lost Marbles to check out all the Munny's.

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