Wednesday, June 18, 2008

how i got the name.... lovesick

So a bit busy today, need to finish up an application for a paid internship. Therefore the post is something that isn't new, but a shirt. Actually how I got the name for Lovesick is partly from this shirt that I designed.
So the rest of the story goes, one night myself and a couple good friends were talking about relationships, love, how people care for each other, how we are all mssed up in so many ways. And in the course of the discussion it was determined by Emilie that the one word that sums me up, in a nutshell, encompasses my idealistic, romantic, heart on my sleeve personality, is 'Lovesick'. I actually went home that night and started the design for this shirt.
Those are two parts of three that lead to me painting shirts/shoes/whatever and naming it all Lovesick Designs. Whats part three? Well c'mon I can't tell you everything.

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